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Home Delivery Service

100% assurance - we take no chances!
  • tracking- memoPRINT shipments always include delivery confirmation
  • insurance - memoPRINT shipments are always insured against transport damage or loss
  • speedy - always speedy door to door courier service
transparent, fair rates - order products of the same size category - enjoy the benefit of our combo bulk rates
Local delivery - Australia
  per shipment size category (S, M, L, B1, B2)
(S) SMALL           Personal Cards, Greeting Cards, Desktop Calendars
  • shipped in a protective envelope
AU$ 12.99   AU$ 4.99
(M) MEDIUM           Photo Books, Photo Albums up to size 26x26cm, 28x21 cm
  • individually packed
  • shipped in medium size shipping box
AU$ 13.99   AU$ 5.99
(L) LARGE            Larger Photo Books, Photo Albums, Wall Calendars and Canvas Prints 12x12" (30x30cm)
  • individually packed
  • shipped in large size shipping box
AU$ 13.99   AU$ 7.99
     (B.1.) Canvas Prints
  • shipped in tailor made package
AU$ 19.99   AU$ 9.99
HOW IT WORKS with shipment rates for first/additional items in an order
  • first item: the first item per shipment size category
  • additional items: additional items per shipment size category will be charged at the lower rate (combo bulk rate)
international delivery

memoPRINT provides international delivery services to the following countries:
Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, France, UK, Italy, Austria, Japan, USA, Canada

international shipment surcharges:
     - first item per shipment size category: local shipment rate plus AU$ 10.-
     - second item per shipment size category: local shipment rate plus AU$ 5.-

for other countries and international rates inquiry, please call or write to our customer service

other terms and conditions, information

  • memoPRINT standard terms and conditions apply
  • multiple packages: we aim to consolidate products in your order when we ship them. However, for your convenience and to expedite your order, we may have to ship your order in multiple packages. These packages may arrive separately.
  • any surcharges for re-directing undeliverable shipments or change in address will be born by the customer
  • for international shipments, additional local import fees may be incurred (see our standard terms and conditions)
  • above terms and prices do not apply for single greeting cards
  • promotional offers cannot be combined into one order / one shipment
  • home deliveries are carried out by established courier service providers. memoPRINT will not be liable for any claims related to delivery performance